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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for Graduate Program

The graduate program is a basic and challenging undergraduate programme on the Computer Sicence and Computer Technology fields. 
It encompasses the basic IT technology, both applied and fundamental.
The programme also provides advanced and in-depth knowledge of IT to prepare the students for challengens in IT career.
The programme is full-time courses.

Admission Criteria

Candidates must pass the matriculation exam held by government,
Candidates must possess the total exam marks specified by the University.

Programme Structure for Bachelor Degrees

  • UCS(Sittway) offers the following programs for bachelor degrees
    • Bachelor of Computer Science (B.C.Sc.)
    • Bachelor of Computer Technology (B.C.Tech.)
  • Students have to take nine semesters course work and one semester internship for bachelor degree.
  • Students must complete the total credit specified for bachelor degree.
  • Students must understand and follow class attendance and participation policy such as: quizzes, assignments, test, final exam.
  • After completing the bachelar degree program, qualified students can join to Master degree program as respective UCS.

Duration of Programme

The bachelor programme is full-time and divided into two semesters in every course work year.
First Semester : December to March
Second Semester : June to September
Internship Duration : May to August

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