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Freshers’ Day

University of Computer Studies(Sittway), 2019-2020 Academic Year’s First Year, Second Year and Third Year Second Semester Courses, 2021-2022 Academic Year’s Fifth Year First Semester Course and 2022-2023 Academic Year’s First Year First Semester Course are started 12-5-2022.
The Freshers’ Day are celebrated at Assembly Hall of UCS (Sittway) for the students who will start attending the first semester of 2022-2023 Academic Year. The Pro-rector addressed the welcome speech to the students and then the Heads of Departments gave introductory speeches and introduced to their teachers.
After that, Fresher students were given a campus tour to Departments, Languages Lab, FCST Lab, Physics Lab and Computer Labs. Students were shown the projects of seniors, previous competitions held at university and previous activities of university. Finally they were warmly welcomed with tea party.

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