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Academic Teacher List

NoNameQualificationFaculty/ DepartmentDesignation
1Dr. TinTin NwetPhD(CHT)Faculty of Computer Systems and TechnologiesProfessor
2Dr. Khin Nyunt KyawPhD(Engg;Maths)Faculty of Computing Professor
3Dr. Myo Myo SwePhD(Phys)
Natural Science DepartmentProfessor
4Daw San Nyein KhaingM.A.Sc.Faculty of Computer Systems and TechnologiesAssociate Professor
5U Thaung Myint HtunM.I.Sc.Faculty of Information ScienceAssociate Professor
6Dr. Thida LwinPhD(Myan)Languages DepartmentAssociate Professor
7Dr. Khin Kyawt NwePhD(Phys)Natural Science DepartmentAssociate Professor
8Dr. Thu Thu ZanPhD(IT)Faculty of Computer ScienceLecturer
9Daw Naing Naing KhinM.C.ScFaculty of Computer SicenceLecturer
10Dr. Nu Yin KyawPhD(IT)Faculty of Information ScienceLecturer
11Daw Swe Swe OoM.C.Sc.Faculty of Information ScienceLecturer
12Daw Mi Cho ChoM.Sc (Engg; Maths)Faculty of ComputingLecturer
Daw Ank Phyu WinM.I.Sc.
Faculty of ComputingLecturer
14Daw Mya ThandaM.A.(TEFL)Languages DepartmentLecturer
Daw Khin Chaw SuM.A.(Myan)Languages DepartmentLecturer
Daw Ohnmar LwinMA(TEFL)Languages DepartmentLecturer
17Daw Khin Khin AyeM.Sc.(Phys)Natural Science DepartmentLecturer
18Daw Wai Wai KhaingM.C.Sc.Information Technology Support and Maintenance DepartmentLecturer
19Daw Moe Moe SanM.C.Sc.Information Technology Support and Maintenance DepartmentLecturer
20Daw Lei Lei YeeM.C.Tech.Faculty of Computer Systems and TechnologiesAssistant Lecturer
21Daw Thazin NweM.C.Sc.Faculty of Computer ScienceAssistant Lecturer
22Daw Ei Phyu Phyu ThweM.C.Sc.Faculty of Computer ScienceAssistant Lecturer
23Daw Zin Zin TunM.C.Sc.Faculty of Computer ScienceAssistant Lecturer
24Daw Hla Nu SweM.C.Sc.Faculty of Computer ScienceAssistant Lecturer
25Daw Moe San PhyuM.Sc.(CS)Faculty of Computer ScienceAssistant Lecturer
26Daw Aye Nyein SanM.C.Sc.Faculty of Information ScienceAssistant Lecturer
27Daw Ei Ei KhaingM.C.Sc.Faculty of Information ScienceAssistant Lecturer
28Daw Shwe Yee WinM.C.Sc.Faculty of Information ScienceAssistant Lecturer
29Daw Thida WinM.I.Sc.Faculty of Information ScienceAssistant Lecturer
30Daw Sandar KyawM.Sc.(Maths)Faculty of ComputingAssistant Lecturer
31Daw Phyu Phyu AungM.Sc.(Maths)Faculty of ComputingAssistant Lecturer
32Daw Hla Thein WinM.Sc.(Maths)Faculty of ComputingAssistant Lecturer
33Daw Than Myat WaiM.A.(Eng)Languages DepartmentAssistant Lecturer
34Daw Aye Mi KyiM.Sc.(Phys)Natural Science DepartmentAssistant Lecturer
35Daw Myint Myint KyiM.Sc.(Phys)Natural Science DepartmentAssistant Lecturer
36Daw Saw Thanda ShweM.C.Sc.Information Technology Support and Maintenance DepartmentAssistant Lecturer
37Daw Su Su HlaingM.C.Sc.Information Technology Support and Maintenance DepartmentAssistant Lecturer
38Daw Nwe Zin OoM.C.Sc.Information Technology Support and Maintenance DepartmentAssistant Lecturer
39Daw Swe Swe SanM.C.Sc.Information Technology Support and Maintenance DepartmentAssistant Lecturer
40Daw Nwet Nwet ZinB.C.Sc ( Hons:)
Faculty of Computer ScienceTutor (Senior)
41Daw Lay Lay MyatB.C.Sc ( Hons:)Faculty of Information ScienceTutor (Senior)
42Daw Hnin Nu KhaingB.A (Eng)Languages DepartmentTutor (Senior)
43Daw Zin Mar NyoB.C.ScInformation Technology Support and Maintenance DepartmentTutor (Senior)
44U Ye NaingM.C.TechFaulty of Computer Systems and TechnologiesTutor
45Daw Khin Aye SanB.C.Sc.(Q)Faculty of Computer ScienceTutor
46Daw Su Thet OoM.C.Sc.Faculty of Computer ScienceTutor
47Daw Khin Myat ThuM.Sc. (Maths)Faculty of ComputingTutor
48U Myo Myat NaingM.A ( Eng)Languages DepartmentTutor
49Daw Swe Swe MyintM.A ( TEFL)Languages DepartmentTutor
50Daw Tin Tin ThanB.A ( Eng) (Hons:)Languages DepartmentTutor
51Daw HtayM.C.Sc.Information Technology Support and Maintenance DepartmentTutor